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May 18th 2009, three business partners came together and formulated a partnership by the name of Helping Hands Home Services to provide quality healthcare services for the least cost. On June 30th, 2009 Helping Hands Home services became a licensed home health agency in the state of Texas. Three locations were initially selected in the Texas area; Dallas, Longview, and Corpus Christi, these were selected as the places where the agency would operate, with Dallas being the headquarter. 

The agency initially started with one staff in each location and to date each location has a minimum of three staff members with the headquarters expanding to six staff and more that 250 employees throughout the locations. 

At A.N.D Home Healthcare, our mission is to provide the best health care services to our clients at the highest quality level and the least cost. At A.N.D. Home Healthcare, we promote wellness and sound quality of life. We support this by hiring qualified staff to deliver compassionate services to our valued clients.

The agency initially began servicing the States "Community Living Assistance and Support Services" (CLASS). On September 12th, 2012 the agency was rewarded contracts with the "Home and  Community Based Services" (HCS) and "Texas Home Living" (TxHml). 

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