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Regina Davis



I’ve been with A.N.D. almost 10 years. We love the genuineness in caring and detail to knowing the needs of our son. He was a teenager when we started with them and he is now a young man and they continue to provide the services that benefit him. From the services they provide, client and program manager relationship, client and administrator relationship, WE LOVE IT ALL! The ladies in the office are always helpful. We LOVE Yazmin and Alton. I feel very comfortable knowing they will always take care of us. 

If you are looking for an agency, take the time to know who will take care of you behind the scenes. Of course, you will come to know A.N.D. only allows the best companies to represent them.  Never be embarrassed or afraid to ask questions if you don’t understand something. We have never thought of looking for any other company to work with. From day one we have been 100% satisfied with the work they do for us. 

Maria Valdez



My daughter and I have been with A.N.D. Home Healthcare for about three years now and we’ve been treated with continuous respect along the way. The entire Corpus Christi office is very friendly and helpful! My daughter is diagnosed with Down syndrome and that did not impede Mrs. Celia, Mrs. Ruth and Mrs. Amber from speaking to her with dignity and love. Any questions I have are quickly answered and each question is treated with as much importance as the next. It’s essential to have great communication between our family and the agency because I don’t live close to the office. Yet, they advise me on all paperwork needed upfront so there isn’t much back and forth. I’m very happy to be with A.N.D.! 

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